Grow your Business and Support our Community

At Phoenix Hometown Hires, we recognize that successful businesses are made up of hard-working, dedicated employees. The goal of our Employment Program is to empower and train our participants to be reliable, adaptable and productive employees in their chosen careers. Job Seekers who complete our programs offer many advantages to local companies; including a proven ability to succeed in a work environment, and the skills and local market knowledge to help companies grow.

Phoenix Hometown Hires is focused on building long-term relationships with local businesses to better serve our job seekers and help businesses grow. Since 2003, over 950 of Phoenix Hometown Hires alumni have been hired by local businesses.

By employing our Job Seekers, your business may qualify for a Work Opportunity Tax Credit. For more information, visit

To learn more about the advantages of hiring a Phoenix Hometown Hires graduate, contact Executive Director Will Rikard – or Program Director, Ally Thornton –

(910) 343-8469

It gives us great pleasure to give someone the opportunity to find a long-term career.   We have been able to help Phoenix Hometown Hires’ participants connect with companies to become  invaluable team members.  They have proven to be invaluable employees after having gone through the PHH training program.

Lindsay Smith

Greene Resources

We have been working with Phoenix Hometown Hires for a couple of years and have been impressed by the amount of time and dedication that they provide to their clients. We have been fortunate in that we have been able to place three of their clients in full time positions here at CastleBranch.  We will continue to utilize Phoenix Hometown Hires to help fill some of our open positions.

Marie MacDonald