Volunteer Spotlight – Greg Ballard

Jan 27, 2017 | News |

The work of Phoenix Hometown Hires is only possible with dedicated, passionate and committed volunteers like Greg Ballard. In 2016 Greg dedicated over 100 volunteer hours in numerous roles; from teaching Job Readiness and Life Skills workshops to leading volunteer and staff trainings. Greg was first introduced to PHH by a friend and began volunteering in the summer of 2014. In addition to volunteering, Greg is a committed family man, works at Performance Culture as a Performance Culture Coach and is a sports enthusiast for anything Louisville.

We asked Greg to share his thoughts on Phoenix Hometown Hires…

“From my perspective, Phoenix Hometown Hires has always been about rebirth.  A Phoenix is defined as a mythical bird of great beauty, that is able to renew itself through fire to the freshness of youth.  It then lives through another cycle of years, representing reborn idealism or hope.  I see the Phoenix Hometown Hires experience through the optics of these definitions.

I have the privilege to be a part of Phoenix Hometown Hires. As a volunteer, I get to share knowledge and skills that participants may find useful. I am able to walk, talk, learn, and share with people as they work to renew themselves into a stronger, wiser version.  I am allowed to witness the changes people make in their lives and the joy it brings them.  Who wouldn’t want to witness a Phoenix rising from the fire.  You can tell it’s a Phoenix when you hear “I am a valuable person of great worth.”