Participant Spotlight – Justin

Dec 22, 2016 | News |

After years of making poor choices and spending time in and out of jail, Justin came to a stark realization – if he continued to do the same things and hang around the same people, he would continue to get the same result. Instead, Justin came to Phoenix Hometown Hires last year looking for work and a new direction in his life.

During Jobs Week Justin demonstrated an openness and willingness to try new things and do things differently than he had previously. He made a commitment to himself and his future.  A week after completing the week he landed a job with the Pilot House as a dishwasher, working 6 days a week.

Justin has a passion for food and eventually wants to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts to become a chef. In addition to working, he now volunteers at the Good Shepherd Center. He says “it feels good to give back” and he openly shares his experience with others in hopes of helping them overcome any challenges they face, so they can reach their true potential.

Justin – “What I loved most about Phoenix was it was easy to just be me and feel accepted.”