Who we are...


Create a community of prosperity and hope.


Empower individuals to reach their potential and lead stables lives through satisfying work.


Reliability     Adaptability     Integrity     Open Minds     Affirmation


Phoenix Hometown Hires is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers individuals to find and keep satisfying work through job readiness and life skills training. Phoenix Hometown Hires is dedicated to assisting men and women in the Cape Fear area who are most in need of work. Through the efforts and commitment of our passionate Board of Directors, loyal volunteers, talented staff members, and partner organizations, Phoenix has aided more than 950 people in finding jobs with local businesses.

Today, staff members and volunteers work closely with participants to learn more about their strengths, job skills, goals and any obstacles they might face in order to assist them in finding and keeping satisfying work.  Phoenix’s ultimate goal is that all participants have the means and tools necessary to lead stable, happy and productive lives.