The Story of Travis

Travis came to Phoenix Hometown Hires in February 2016.  He struggled with finding a job due to his criminal background. Travis said, all he wanted was a normal life, “to just go to work and come home to my family.” Watch his journey with us.

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in 2016

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Phoenix Hometown Hires is a non-profit organization, based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Through partnerships with businesses, non-profit organizations, churches and a vast volunteer network, Phoenix Hometown Hires supports people in our community in overcoming obstacles to find work and stability.

I was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, had no job, no money, no place to live, no self-esteem and no hope. There were many days when I no longer wanted to be a part of this world. One Monday I showed up to Phoenix Hometown Hires to begin the job program. I was reminded that I do have value, I am important, and I could be a productive member of society and the person my parents raised me to be. With some hard work, guidance and support from staff and volunteers, I was able to begin my journey to a new life. Today I’m a self- employed graphic designer, doing what I love!                – Amber

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